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There was a time when the status quo dictated that black hair  was anything but acceptable. Natural hair – laughable; Loc’d hair for the mainstream was unimaginable. Women of color needed a solution, whether it was a product or service or solace. There was a revolt that begged for it and so it was my duty to be a part of a movement that encouraged empowerment of an unrealized beauty within our community. 

Nature Waves is about the natural way, wave, flow or vibration of your hair. We care for that very thing and the goal is to attain the best condition(health and length) and maintain it. After all , our hair is symbol for strength, power and resilience as a culture; and that’s why our mantra is Confidence in your Crown.

Nature Waves does not assume an assembly line approach. Our products are eco-friendly, clean and tailored to each clients needs.  We use holistic approach that uses essential oil-based products and techniques to stimulate the senses during each session.  We specialize in all types of loc services.  

Nature Waves Hair Story

why us

In-Home Hair Salon

A in-home hair studio is a great option for those who want personalized and convenient hair care services.  

Flexible Scheduling

We offer more flexibility in scheduling appointments, allowing our clients to book at times that work best for their busy lives. 

Personalized Experience

Clients can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed environment, without the noise and bustle of a traditional salon.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether it's a simple trim or a full styling session, at Nature Waves hair studio we provides an excellent alternative to the traditional salon experience.

Loc hair Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

There are several methods to start your own dreadlocks, including the twist and rip method, backcombing, and crochet method. It’s best to research each method and choose one that suits your hair type and desired outcome.

Yes, you can wash your dreadlocks regularly with a residue-free shampoo. It’s important to avoid using heavy conditioners or oils that can leave buildup in the locks.

The time it takes for dreadlocks to mature varies depending on your hair type and the method used to create them. On average, it can take anywhere from six months to a year for dreads to fully mature.

Yes, you can swim with your dreadlocks but it’s important to rinse them thoroughly afterwards to remove any chlorine or saltwater buildup.

Retwisting frequency will depend on how quickly your hair grows and how well-maintained your locks are. Generally, every 4-6 weeks is a good timeframe for retwisting.

Yes, it’s best to avoid heavy waxes or gels that can leave buildup in the locks over time. Look for natural products that won’t cause buildup or damage to the hair.

Yes, you can undo dreadlocks but it may require cutting off the locks entirely or undergoing a lengthy process of combing out each individual section of hair.

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